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HCG Diet FAQs and Instructions


HCG Diet | HCG Diet FAQs | Appetite Controlled Diet


What types of food is allowed on the HCG diet?

The HCG diet consists of eating 4 times per day. On this diet, you are allowed 2 main meals at lunch and dinner that consist of a serving of protein and a serving of vegetables. You are also allowed 2 fruits to be eaten per day. Coffee, tea, diet drinks are also allowed but only a certain amount each day. All powered seasonings are allowed including salt as long as they do not have added calories or sugar. Lastly, 1 tbsp of vinegar, lemon or lime juice is allowed daily for flavor enhancement. Artificial sweeteners should be used minimally and dairy is only allowed for the vegetarian version of the diet. Our user’s guide will tell you the best protein, vegetable, and fruit choices along with serving sizes.


On average how much can I expect to lose in 4 weeks?

Average weight loss is approximately 17.6 lbs in 1 month and of the weight you lose 90-100% is pure fat loss. Overall, our HCG diet program for 1 month will help men shed 20 to 30 lbs and women can expect to lose 15 to 25 lbs. Our 2 month HCG diet program will promote weight loss of 40 to 50 lbs in men and 30 to 40 lbs in women. One can expect a weight loss of anything between 0.5 lbs to 2 lbs each day of the diet. It must be noted that the HCG diet needs to be followed strictly to achieve these types of results.


How do I take the HCG?

The HCG is taken twice a day approximately 12 hours apart. You take 0.25ml twice daily under your tongue so it’s absorbed sublingually. Our HCG is combined with vitamin B12, which is an added benefit to increase energy level.


Approximately how many calories will I be eating per day?

You will be eating approximately 500-600 calories per day.


If I am only eating 500-600 calories per day, won’t I be hungry?

No, because researchers believe that HCG hormone can ‘trick’ your body into thinking you’re pregnant and by limiting your calorie intake along with a diet very low in fat and carbohydrates – your body will begin burning your fat stores to be used as calories to feed the baby it thinks it’s developing. Since there is no baby, you will be able to use those calories which allow you to feel fine and have energy.


Is the HCG Diet meant for everyone?

The HCG diet is a safe weight loss diet that can be taken by almost everyone. The best thing about the HCG diet is that one need not be obese in order to start an HCG diet. The diet will work even if one wants to merely lose a few pounds rather quickly. HCG diet is not recommended for diabetics, those with active cancer or with a BMI less than 20. At your initial visit, the practitioner will go through your medical history and current medications to make sure you will be fit for the diet.


How to maximize weight loss while on the HCG Diet?

Avoiding hidden sugars, it is important to read nutritional information printed on food labels. Many condiments contain hidden sugar, in various forms, such as glucose. Fat burners are very useful in reducing the amount of fat in your body. By complementing your diet with grapefruit, which is a fat burner, you can easily lose more fat. Green tea may be also helpful in weight loss. While red meat is allowed on the HCG diet, it is better to avoid it and have poultry or seafood when possible in place of red meat. In addition, your two fruit portions should contain only one apple to maximize weight loss.

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