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Qivana in Minnesota: PRIME, the Nitric Oxide Activator


Live 10 years younger with the world’s most powerful system for restoring Nitric Oxide. One Stop Wellness is the first clinic in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas to offer the scientifically backed Qivana system. Nitric Oxide (N-O) is a messenger molecule, produced in the blood vessels, that tells your arteries and veins to relax and expand or dilate. It immediately improves the circulation to the brain, heart, muscles and sexual organs with obvious benefits. Our N-O levels decrease as we age and drop significantly after the age of 30. By improving N-O production, this will create better blood flow of nutrient-rich blood and the key to healthier living.

The benefits of nitric oxide are many. It helps improve circulation by sending a signal for arteries to relax and expand, which also improves sexual function. N-O can also maintain healthy blood pressure levels and combat premature cardiovascular aging. This system is great for practically anyone, including those who have elevated blood pressure and stress as well as those that are healthy and athletic.

PRIME is a tasty powder which makes the product very portable. There is much research with science based articles written on the importance of N-O. PRIME is now the gold standard for naturally enhancing your N-O level.

Patients in Minnesota and the surrounding states can purchase Qivana products at our office or go to our website: and become a preferred customer. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to implement this great product line into your healthy lifestyle!


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