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Myths of Your HCG Diet Program in Minnesota (1)


Myth #1: A HCG diet with 500 calories a day is dangerous to your health.

This myth is actually true and false. A very low calorie diet can indeed potentially cause some medical problems if they are not prescribed and monitored appropriately by a trained physician or if you follow the diet longer than a few months.

Although rare, some very serious side effects could happen, especially if associated with cardiac arrhythmias and if underlying heart disease is present. Monitoring electrolytes is important if other medical conditions are present or if you are taking certain medications.

The 500 calorie diet is only part of the first phase, lasting about four weeks for most people in Minnesota. If follow the diet for many months without monitoring, some people may not get the sufficient nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system, internal vital organ’s functions, and volume and strength of muscles.

If you are not using real HCG from an FDA-regulated pharmacy store, you may not get a sufficient quality hormone or no hormone at all.

However, if you follow the diet through a trained HCG diet physician, he or she should monitor you for symptoms of potential electrolyte imbalance, mental or mood changes, or impaired bodily functions that may occur. A trained physician in Minneapolis and St Paul should be knowledgeable about potential side effects of this diet program and other medications that you take and be able to guide you safely toward very rapid, safe weight loss.

Our HCG diet program includes instructions on how to smoothly switch to the maintenance program and advice for exercise and long term weigh management.

Remember, the 500 calorie HCG diet is not the same as a 500 calorie a day fast.


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Myths about Dieting in Minnesota


Remember we spoke about the mistakes made that led to the obesity epidemic in the US and Minnesota? Well, perhaps the most obvious misconceptions about losing weight are.

1. Most of Your Stored Fat Started out From Dietary Fat.
This is wrong, dietary sugar (from sugar, flour, or starch) is the leading cause of stored fat. Excess carbohydrates are very easily converted to fat and stored as fat. Dietary carbohydrates cause a surge of the hormone Insulin. Insulin helps cells absorb the sugar from the bloodstream and turns on the creation of fat from sugar. As people in Minnesota get heavier and older, their insulin does not work as well removing sugar from the blood, but it does not lose any of its effectiveness at turning on the conversion to fat storage. This is called insulin resistance and is the mechanism behind type II diabetes. So, we need to make more insulin to process the sugar from a meal, leading to an increase in fat storage at the same time.

2. A Balanced Diet Designed to Maintain A Healthy Weight Can be Scaled Back to Become an Effective Weight Loss Diet.
If you are accustomed to eating a balanced diet and abruptly cut your intake by 30-40%, you will not lose very much weight, and you will have a difficult time staying on the diet. What happens is that you become hungry and if you are just cutting back a little on your intake, the hunger will not go away unless you cave in and eat more food. Your metabolism tends to mirror your intake; so, cutting back a little on intake will often drop your metabolism by the same amount. An effective weight loss eating plan does not look anything like a healthy maintenance eating plan.


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Water – A Convenient HCG Diet Aid in Minnesota


The HCG diet is a very effective diet program that has helped many men and women in Minnesota. We provide very detailed easy-to-follow instructions on the HCG diet, exercise, and long term maintenance. We also offer many tips to help people in Minneapolis and St Paul to lose more weight.

Here is a tip to help the HCG diet be more effective.

HCG diet doesn’t cause much craving when you start the program. But if you do, one easy way to satisfy your hunger cravings is drinking water. Drinking water is a great way to help lose more weight, as it provides a feeling of fullness before you begin eating your food. Moreover, water also boosts metabolism because your body has to work to bring the ingested liquid to your core temperature.

Just by drinking two glasses of H2O prior to eating your meals, you can lose up to an additional 6 to 7 pounds per year. Water does the job and it does the job well. It’s also zero calories and you can get it straight from your kitchen faucet. Overall, consuming H2O has many health benefits and provides an easy and convenient way to lose weight.


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Diet Pills for Weight Loss in Minnesota


Americans spend over 20 million dollars annually on weight loss supplements and diet pills. Honestly, have you ever taken a diet pill in the past that helped you effortlessly lose a significant amount of weight and keep that weight off permanently? Every single diet pill is a waste of money and, in some cases, can make it harder to lose weight in the long run.

Prescription stimulants, like Phentermine, work by stressing the body into releasing norepinephrine in the brain. This stimulates you and gives you false energy and a feeling of fullness. Many people in Minnesota also experience a significant amount of muscle breakdown on stimulants which results in rapid weight loss. However, once the pill is stopped, the body is left in withdrawal. You are hungrier and more weak and tired than ever. The diet pill has become a stressor to your body, leaving it in worse shape and often triggering a stress-induced hormone imbalance. We respond by eating larger portions of more energy laden and addictive foods. Most studies show that the weight regained after these pills occurs even faster than you lost the weight in the first place. You are better off never dieting at all than taking a stimulant diet pill. That is why we do not recommend them in conjunction with our HCG diet.

One Stop Wellness Clinic offers an effective HCG diet weight loss program in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas, please call us if you have any questions and concerns on your weight.


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Food Addiction in Minnesota (2)


Recent studies have shown that a person can indeed be addicted to food. Our brain’s pleasure centers, which are activated when a person suffers from drug addiction, can also respond to highly flavorful foods rich in fat, sugar, and salt.

When consuming these food items, our brain releases a chemical known as dopamine that induces a sense of pleasure and reward. The more often this dopamine transmission occurs (the more we feed the brain’s reward pathway), the more likely these reward signals will start to override signals of fullness and satisfaction. We develop a dependency on the feelings of pleasure derived from eating these foods, becoming addicted and often building up a tolerance to feelings of food satisfaction.

Food addiction and overeating, therefore, are now seen as key factors in obesity in Minnesota. However, someone in Minneapolis and St Paul who does not suffer from obesity or battle weight issues can still struggle with food addiction. The extra calories may simply be canceled out by a higher metabolism or increased physical activity.

Some of the most addictive foods in Minnesota include bread and pasta, fried food, sweets and baked goods, and extremely salty food. To battle food addiction, one must completely stop consuming the addictive food item for at least four weeks. Then, the addiction pathway in the brain that’s triggered by the dopamine will begin to shrink. Simply reducing the amount of the addictive food will not work.

The practitioners at One Stop Medical Center, MN give you comprehensive counseling through the HCG dietprogram to help you overcome the foot addiction and lose weight.


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Food Addictions in Minnesota (1)


When you plan to lose weight through HCG diet program, you can do a better job if you understand food addictions. Did you know that processed foods are very addictive? Imagine someone puts a plate of steamed broccoli in front of you. Will you devour the food even if you are not hungry? Now let’s turn that plate of broccoli into a bowl of M&M’s, or fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, or crisp, salty French fries. Did your mouth water at the simple thought of any of these foods?

How many people in Minneapolis and St Paul can easily say that you “LOVE” a certain food? “Loving” a food is a certain sign of addiction. When you take a bite of a food, the sensory nerves in the mouth and the taste neurons on the tongue sense all aspects of the food, like its sweetness, saltiness, texture, and the way the flavors blend as the food is chewed. This presents a unique “fingerprint” for a food to the brain. Most simple, elemental foods like whole fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, milk, and nuts in their natural form transmit only a fingerprint to the taste center of the brain. More complex foods that are mixtures of fat, flour, sugar, salt, and texture can send a second impulse to the opiate centers of the brain; which is the addiction center of the brain. No cigarette smoker or alcoholic thought that their vice tasted or felt good when they lit up or took a sip for the first time. The “taste” for these is acquired and is mediated by the development of the opiate center to fire up to mask the unpleasant raw taste of the addictive substance.

Our HCG diet program incorporates the education on the food addiction and strategies for long term maintenance.


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What Changed That Has Attributed to the Obesity Epidemic in Minnesota and the US?


From the Centers for Disease Control, there has been a 3-fold increase of obese individuals in each state over the past 20 years since 1990. The prevalence of obesity climbed from 17.4% to 25.4% between 2000 and 2010.Overall, 63.1% of Minnesotans were considered to be an unhealthy weight in 2010, an increase from 55.0% in 2000.

So, what changed that has attributed to the obesity epidemic…?
• Teaching of low-fat diets by our government. This led to an overconsumption of simple carbohydrates. (Remember, in 1990, bagels were the ideal breakfast food and pretzels were the ideal snack food because they were low in fat)
• Microwave ovens and “Convenience foods”
• Computers, video games, “cable/satellite TV” giving us more sedentary entertainment options.
• Lack of sleep
• Increase in prescription medicines like antidepressants that can contribute to weight gain.
• Lack of emphasis on eating together as a family (Higher divorce/separation, longer commutes, more traffic, more convenience foods that can be prepared individually)
• Increase in “Fast food” availability and advertising.
• Creation and promotion of addictive, energy laden foods by the restaurant and food industry that has gotten us addicted to combinations of fat, flour, sugar, and salt. These addictive foods have destroyed our natural ability to stop eating when we are full.
• Stress

In modern society, we are afflicted with constant stressors and very little physical activity to relieve them. Food is readily available and our diet bears little resemblance to the fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, eggs, and nuts that mammals have traditionally eaten. Our appetites are not limited by our food supply running out and we consistently stay up past dark.

A healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy food with more vegetable/fruits and participating in daily physical activities helps to prevent being overweight and obese. If people in Minneapolis and St Paul are overweight or obese, they may consider the HCG diet to lose weight.


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HCG Diet Weight Loss in Minnesota


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that is made in pregnancy. It is also FDA-approved as a pharmaceutical for the treatment of infertility. The maximum dose used for infertility is 10,000 IU in a single injection. For comparison, the dose used for weight loss in Minnesota is just a few hundred units at one time. Since it is FDA approved for one use, it is perfectly legal and ethical to prescribe HCG in this country for other uses. This is called “off-label” prescribing and virtually every physician in Minnesota does it every day. HCG can only be obtained in the United States under the prescription of a physician. A number of internet advertisements are now branding their weight loss supplements with the term “HCG” somewhere in the name; which is very misleading for consumers since these products are priced much lower than genuine HCG and they do not contain real HCG.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the diet was very popular using injectable HCG. Some diet protocols resulted in great success. One study showed an average of 19+ pounds of weight loss in the group taking HCG compared to 11 pounds of loss in the group not taking HCG. Both groups ate the same strict low-carb, low-fat diet. The group that was not taking HCG had more hunger and was less likely to finish the month without cheating.

HCG suspension can be taken sublingually (under the tongue). Sublingual HCG has been used for weight loss since the late 1980’s. The HCG is dissolved in a liquid that is designed to allow for absorption directly into the thin-walled blood vessels under your tongue. Medication that is swallowed goes through liver metabolism first; which makes the actual absorption of the substance very unpredictable. Not all of the HCG that you place under the tongue gets absorbed and the residual that is swallowed is not absorbed much, if at all.

Many people in Minneapolis and St Paul have successfully lost their weight through the HCG diet weight loss program. We see the trend of more demands of it in the coming years.


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HCG Diet Weight Reduction in Minnesota


HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, has been used in conjunction with a sensible, low-glycemic diet since the 1950’s. Our unique diet has proven to cause:

  • Selective loss of large amounts of fat, not muscle
  • o Average loss of 12-20 pounds in the first month
    o Improved physique and body shape in just a few weeks

  • Reduction in cravings and addiction to carbs and fats
  • Improved energy and mental clarity
  • Effortless ability to control portions
  • Reduction in bloating and gas


In addition, this diet has an incredible record of retraining your eating patterns so that when the diet is over, you can choose wisely from all different kinds of foods and have control over your portions and food choices.

Lose weight the healthy way with a physician guided and assisted weight loss program. One Stop Wellness Clinic serves the Minneapolis and St Paul areas with the effective oral HCG diet program.


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Effective HCG Diet Program in One Stop Wellness Clinic


Described first over 60 years ago, the use of small amounts of the natural hormone HCG in combination with a low-calorie, low-fat diet was shown to be effective in losing weight rapidly in books and published studies. Injectible HCG is approved by the FDA for use in infertility, we agree that HCG does not cause weight loss, and you cannot lose weight taking HCG alone without the right diet. Experts now believe that these low doses of HCG preserve lean muscle mass while aiding in the selective burning of fat when used with a low-calorie diet. The HCG may also trigger a receptor in the brain for endorphins. This is the receptor that causes a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after exercise. Moreover, during the last 60 years, there no reports of safety concerns involving using tiny doses of HCG in this manner.

The research on the HCG sublingual (oral) dose shows an average of 17.6 pounds of weight loss in 4 weeks. (See The success we have seen in our practice mirrors the success on the research.

The avoidance of the typically addictive foods like sugars and flour resets and erases the brain’s addiction and dependence on these foods. You will not longer crave these bad foods whether you are hungry or not. High protein in the HCG diet plan preserves the muscles in your body, and exercise also plays important role in the long term weight maintenance.


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