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Myths of Your HCG Diet Program in Minnesota (1)


Myth #1: A HCG diet with 500 calories a day is dangerous to your health.   This myth is actually true and false. A very low calorie diet can indeed potentially cause some medical problems if they are not prescribed … Continue reading


ADAM Questionnaire for screening Low Testosterone of men in Minnesota


Take this quick quiz to find out if you should talk to your doctor about low testosterone.   • Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)? • Do you lack energy? • Has your strength or endurance decreased? … Continue reading


High Levels of Estrogen in Minnesota


Estrogen dominance refers to an excess of estrogen when progesterone levels are inadequate in MN women.
Continue reading


Myths about Dieting in Minnesota


Remember we spoke about the mistakes made that led to the obesity epidemic in the US and Minnesota? Well, perhaps the most obvious misconceptions about losing weight are.   1. Most of Your Stored Fat Started out From Dietary Fat. … Continue reading


Diagnosis of Low Testosterone in Minnesota


As we discussed in the previous blogs, the physiologic decrease of testosterone as men in Minnesota age can cause changes in sexual function, mood, energy level and function of other organs. While testosterone is thought of as the male hormone, … Continue reading


Water – A Convenient HCG Diet Aid in Minnesota


The HCG diet is a very effective diet program that has helped many men and women in Minnesota. We provide very detailed easy-to-follow instructions on the HCG diet, exercise, and long term maintenance. We also offer many tips to help … Continue reading


Diet Pills for Weight Loss in Minnesota


Americans spend over 20 million dollars annually on weight loss supplements and diet pills. Honestly, have you ever taken a diet pill in the past that helped you effortlessly lose a significant amount of weight and keep that weight off … Continue reading


Food Addiction in Minnesota (2)


Recent studies have shown that a person can indeed be addicted to food. Our brain’s pleasure centers, which are activated when a person suffers from drug addiction, can also respond to highly flavorful foods rich in fat, sugar, and salt. … Continue reading


Hormone Checking in Minneapolis MN


Forgetfulness and cognitive decline are some of the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause. Continue reading


The Symptoms related to Low Testosterone in Minnesota


Are you experiencing low sex drive? Do you feel low energy and fatigue more frequently than before? These symptoms often occur in any aging male who has a drop in testosterone level. Andropause cause emotional and physical changes that many … Continue reading


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