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I would like to provide some feedback on my recent weight loss program from One Stop Wellness Clinic. First I have to say that Dr. Shu, Katie McClellan, PA-C, and the entire staff have been extremely professional with a total focus on patient satisfaction. I have lost over 60 lbs. in 3 months on this program and have never felt better. My program included the HCG program and diet as well as hormone balancing. This very effective program was explained in detail, with all needed time taken on both my initial visit as well as all follow up visits. Katie McClellan exhibits professionalism and a sincere interest in her patients successful weight loss and overall well being. She is an expert on nutrition and has helped to permanently change my diet habits to achieve long term success. Thanks for all you do to improve the quality of life for your patients and the professionalism demonstrated by your entire team.

P.N. Minnesota

I have tried many of the top diets out there, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Southbeach and Atkins. I lost weight on all of them but I still had my food addictions. When my clinic first started offering the HCG diet, I was the only person who was a good candidate and I wanted to give it a try. I love food, especially carbs, and this is a diet designed to get rid of food addictions. I was a little nervous to start the HCG diet because it is pretty strict, but I was amazed the morning I started the diet because I didn’t feel hungry at all after taking the HCG. I followed the diet the rest of the day and was excited that I wasn’t feeling starved. Around dinner time I finally started to feel hungry, so I ate the typical protein and vegetable like the diet calls for. About 30 minutes later, I was still feeling a little hungry and realized that it was time to take my second dose of HCG. Within 5 minutes of taking the HCG, my hunger pains went away and I felt really good again.


After the first day, the small food portions started to fill me up. I could not believe that a piece of fruit would take away my hunger and make me feel full. The diet was really motivating, because I lost 4 pounds in 2 days and a total of 11 pounds in 2 weeks! The HCG diet became so easy and I was able to change the way I ate and my carb cravings went away. At the end of the diet, I had lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks, an average of 4 lbs a week! But what I really loved about the HCG diet was learning to focus on portion control and addressing food addictions; which is unlike any other diet.

S.S. Woodbury, MN


The HCG diet plan works! I have lost a total of 39 lbs in 2 months using HCG diet drops, HCG diet food plan and lost another 8 lbs during the phase out month and maintenance phase. Making it a total of 47 lbs lost in approx. 4 months! I am very satisfied with the results and I burned fat off, not muscle like I have with other diets. I feel much better and have a lot more energy. My Husband, family and friends all have noticed and complimented me on my success. I had my doubts, just like with any other weight loss program, but I was able to retrain my brain not to crave fats and carbohydrates! The diet was intent but yet simple to follow and get used to. Dr. Shu, Katie, and the staff at One Stop Wellness were very helpful and encouraged me along the way. They were always there to answer my questions and give me the strength to keep going. I have already referred my friends and family members to try the diet. I have not regretted it. Thank you One Stop Wellness Clinic!

K.S. Edina, MN


At only 31 years old, I was constantly fatigued. I tried different things to help me have more energy such as caffeine, supplements, changing my eating diet and trying to sleep more. It seemed like no matter what I did I was always tired and had no motivation. A couple months ago, I was searching on the internet for other options and found One Stop Wellness Clinic. I was intrigued with the hormone testing and balancing. I learned that any imbalances could lead to a variety of symptoms such as constantly feeling tired, irritable, moody, or inability to sleep or lose weight. I had my hormones tested and found out that I had some imbalances in my hormones causing me to always feel fatigued. Through the treatment provided at One Stop Wellness, not only was my fatigued cured but I also had energy to work out again and not crave carbs; so I was able to lose weight. People around me noticed my personality change too- I was less irritable, moody and forgetful. I have a new found energy and happiness that I never had before! Thank you so much One Stop Wellness Clinic!

B.H. Minneapolis, MN


I am so glad I went to see Katie and Dr. Shu at One Stop Wellness Clinic. Prior to seeing them, I had noticed a change in myself over a couple of years where I had felt more and more tired with less energy. I also found that I had a decreased libido and mental ability. I was gaining weight and losing my muscle mass and strength very easily. I didn’t like who I had become as a person or how I looked in the mirror. I stumbled across One Stop Wellness Clinic and Katie checked my testosterone and cortisol levels. I was found to be in andropause (low testosterone level) and in adrenal fatigue. She treated me and within a couple weeks I had more energy and drive. I felt like I could think clearly again and I was able to keep up with my kids and start exercising. I have slowly lost some of the weight I put on over the last couple years and can see some of my muscle tone back! Thank you to all the staff- your expertise, advice, and guidance has really changed my life.

T.W.St. Louis Park, MN

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