Myths of Your HCG Diet Program in Minnesota (1)


Myth #1: A HCG diet with 500 calories a day is dangerous to your health.

This myth is actually true and false. A very low calorie diet can indeed potentially cause some medical problems if they are not prescribed and monitored appropriately by a trained physician or if you follow the diet longer than a few months.

Although rare, some very serious side effects could happen, especially if associated with cardiac arrhythmias and if underlying heart disease is present. Monitoring electrolytes is important if other medical conditions are present or if you are taking certain medications.

The 500 calorie diet is only part of the first phase, lasting about four weeks for most people in Minnesota. If follow the diet for many months without monitoring, some people may not get the sufficient nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system, internal vital organ’s functions, and volume and strength of muscles.

If you are not using real HCG from an FDA-regulated pharmacy store, you may not get a sufficient quality hormone or no hormone at all.

However, if you follow the diet through a trained HCG diet physician, he or she should monitor you for symptoms of potential electrolyte imbalance, mental or mood changes, or impaired bodily functions that may occur. A trained physician in Minneapolis and St Paul should be knowledgeable about potential side effects of this diet program and other medications that you take and be able to guide you safely toward very rapid, safe weight loss.

Our HCG diet program includes instructions on how to smoothly switch to the maintenance program and advice for exercise and long term weigh management.

Remember, the 500 calorie HCG diet is not the same as a 500 calorie a day fast.


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