Diet Pills for Weight Loss in Minnesota


Americans spend over 20 million dollars annually on weight loss supplements and diet pills. Honestly, have you ever taken a diet pill in the past that helped you effortlessly lose a significant amount of weight and keep that weight off permanently? Every single diet pill is a waste of money and, in some cases, can make it harder to lose weight in the long run.

Prescription stimulants, like Phentermine, work by stressing the body into releasing norepinephrine in the brain. This stimulates you and gives you false energy and a feeling of fullness. Many people in Minnesota also experience a significant amount of muscle breakdown on stimulants which results in rapid weight loss. However, once the pill is stopped, the body is left in withdrawal. You are hungrier and more weak and tired than ever. The diet pill has become a stressor to your body, leaving it in worse shape and often triggering a stress-induced hormone imbalance. We respond by eating larger portions of more energy laden and addictive foods. Most studies show that the weight regained after these pills occurs even faster than you lost the weight in the first place. You are better off never dieting at all than taking a stimulant diet pill. That is why we do not recommend them in conjunction with our HCG diet.

One Stop Wellness Clinic offers an effective HCG diet weight loss program in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas, please call us if you have any questions and concerns on your weight.


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