Food Addictions in Minnesota (1)


When you plan to lose weight through HCG diet program, you can do a better job if you understand food addictions. Did you know that processed foods are very addictive? Imagine someone puts a plate of steamed broccoli in front of you. Will you devour the food even if you are not hungry? Now let’s turn that plate of broccoli into a bowl of M&M’s, or fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, or crisp, salty French fries. Did your mouth water at the simple thought of any of these foods?

How many people in Minneapolis and St Paul can easily say that you “LOVE” a certain food? “Loving” a food is a certain sign of addiction. When you take a bite of a food, the sensory nerves in the mouth and the taste neurons on the tongue sense all aspects of the food, like its sweetness, saltiness, texture, and the way the flavors blend as the food is chewed. This presents a unique “fingerprint” for a food to the brain. Most simple, elemental foods like whole fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, milk, and nuts in their natural form transmit only a fingerprint to the taste center of the brain. More complex foods that are mixtures of fat, flour, sugar, salt, and texture can send a second impulse to the opiate centers of the brain; which is the addiction center of the brain. No cigarette smoker or alcoholic thought that their vice tasted or felt good when they lit up or took a sip for the first time. The “taste” for these is acquired and is mediated by the development of the opiate center to fire up to mask the unpleasant raw taste of the addictive substance.

Our HCG diet program incorporates the education on the food addiction and strategies for long term maintenance.


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