What Changed That Has Attributed to the Obesity Epidemic in Minnesota and the US?


From the Centers for Disease Control, there has been a 3-fold increase of obese individuals in each state over the past 20 years since 1990. The prevalence of obesity climbed from 17.4% to 25.4% between 2000 and 2010.Overall, 63.1% of Minnesotans were considered to be an unhealthy weight in 2010, an increase from 55.0% in 2000.

So, what changed that has attributed to the obesity epidemic…?
• Teaching of low-fat diets by our government. This led to an overconsumption of simple carbohydrates. (Remember, in 1990, bagels were the ideal breakfast food and pretzels were the ideal snack food because they were low in fat)
• Microwave ovens and “Convenience foods”
• Computers, video games, “cable/satellite TV” giving us more sedentary entertainment options.
• Lack of sleep
• Increase in prescription medicines like antidepressants that can contribute to weight gain.
• Lack of emphasis on eating together as a family (Higher divorce/separation, longer commutes, more traffic, more convenience foods that can be prepared individually)
• Increase in “Fast food” availability and advertising.
• Creation and promotion of addictive, energy laden foods by the restaurant and food industry that has gotten us addicted to combinations of fat, flour, sugar, and salt. These addictive foods have destroyed our natural ability to stop eating when we are full.
• Stress

In modern society, we are afflicted with constant stressors and very little physical activity to relieve them. Food is readily available and our diet bears little resemblance to the fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, eggs, and nuts that mammals have traditionally eaten. Our appetites are not limited by our food supply running out and we consistently stay up past dark.

A healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy food with more vegetable/fruits and participating in daily physical activities helps to prevent being overweight and obese. If people in Minneapolis and St Paul are overweight or obese, they may consider the HCG diet to lose weight.


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