Why Hormone Saliva Testing is better than Blood and Urine for Minnesotans


When deciding how to assess hormone levels it is important to do testing instead of guessing, and it is important to have ongoing testing and monitoring like One Stop Wellness Clinic in Minnesota does. Urine testing cannot measure progesterone directly, instead it just the metabolites of progesterone so it is not a sufficiently accurate tool for direct measurement for assessing deficiencies and subsequent treatment.

In addition, once a patient is started on a prescription of topical hormones the adjusted hormone levels cannot be accurately assessed through urine or blood — only saliva. This is because blood and urine will not show bioavailable hormone levels. Saliva, on the other hand, does reflect changes in hormone levels shown when a patient is on a topical hormone replacement and it is a proven method for adjusting and monitoring therapy. This is why we at, One Stop Wellness Center, tests estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol only in saliva. The only hormone not testing in saliva is a thyroid panel which is tested with a blood sample. Lastly, providers in Minneapolis who decide to use urine or blood testing will often find that it takes a long time to get prescription rates correct and existing symptoms continue while new symptoms may appear.


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