Myths about Dieting for Minnesotans


There is an obesity epidemic in the United States and Minnesota. The most obvious misconceptions about losing weight are…

1. Most of Your Stored Fat Started out From Eating Dietary Fat
This is wrong, dietary sugar (from sugar, flour, or starch) is the leading cause of stored fat. Excess carbohydrates are very easily converted to fat and stored as fat; that is why the HCG diet only allows for very few carbohydrates daily. Dietary carbohydrates cause a surge of the hormone Insulin. Insulin helps cells absorb the sugar from the bloodstream and turns on the creation of fat from sugar. As people get heavier and older, their insulin does not work as well removing sugar from the blood, but it does not lose any of its effectiveness at turning on the conversion to fat storage. This is called insulin resistance and is the mechanism behind type II diabetes. So, we need to make more insulin to process the sugar from a meal, leading to an increase in fat storage at the same time

2. A Balanced Diet Designed to Maintain A Healthy Weight Can be Scaled Back to Become an Effective Weight Loss Diet
If you are accustomed to eating a balanced diet and abruptly cut your intake by 30-40%, you will not lose very much weight, and you will have a difficult time staying on the diet. What happens is that you become hungry and if you are just cutting back a little on your intake, the hunger will not go away unless you cave in and eat more food. Your metabolism tends to mirror your intake; so, cutting back a little on intake will often drop your metabolism by the same amount. An effective weight loss eating plan does not look anything like a healthy maintenance eating plan.

3. Calorie Counting is an Effective Way to Diet and Lose Weight
Calories of a food are determined by how much heat it gives off when it is burned. This is not how the human body metabolizes food and is a very poor estimate of how a particular meal will be burned or stored by the body. This is why HCG diet is a ketosis diet (low fat and carbohydrates), which triggers fat burning using a certain mix of nutrients that total 600 calories. The wrong 600-calorie mix of foods will cause very little fat burning.


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