Exercising in Minnesota on an HCG Diet


People who exercise live longer, healthier lives in Minnesota. They do this because of the stress reduction benefits of exercise. Exercise can also improve our metabolism by building muscle mass and this muscle increases our ability to burn fats instead of storing them. Exercise on a regular basis in Minneapolis improves our energy, our sleep, our immune system, and our overall health regardless of how bad our diet may be.

However, exercise can make it very difficult to lose weight for people attempting a ketosis diet like HCG diet in MN. A ketosis diet is essentially burning our own fat stores and using that as calories and energy; so when we exercise and push ourselves, our muscle needs more sugar and protein. These needs are temporary during the days of exercise. The HCG diet does not contain enough protein and carbohydrates to support a vigorous workout routine. If you increase the proteins and carbs to allow for a new or increased exercise regimen, then you will come out of ketosis, if you dare to take a day off or decrease your exercise. If exercise is increased, our body will feel more hunger pains due to the muscular need for extra sugar and protein, making it more difficult to follow the strict menu of the HCG diet. Therefore, it is better to just continue your usual exercise when on the diet and not increase it. You will need exercise to maintain your losses from the HCG diet once the low calorie phase of the diet is complete, but you do not need any new or increased exercise to burn fat from the diet.

On the other hand, if you are one that exercises vigorously all the time, it may be best to back off the rigorous activity a few days a week so your body can get accustomed to the new diet. You may slowly increase your activity as tolerated on the diet but do not over do it or you will feel hungry. If you are interested in starting the HCG diet, One Stop Wellness Clinic offers the whole diet plan and supplements to get you started!


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