Background Information on the HCG Diet in Minnesota


The original HCG diet was created by Dr. ATW Simeon in the 1950’s. He designed it to be able to reduce weight by using HCG hormones to decrease appetite. Dr. Simeon had a large clinic in Rome, Italy where people from around the world would come to go on his diet and lose weight. His diet and his work are discussed in his book “Pounds and Inches”. HCG is also known as the hormone of pregnancy. Intake of this hormone can greatly change the metabolism of your body. The hormone ‘tricks’ your body into thinking you’re pregnant and if you limit your calorie intake to approximately 500 calories a day, your body will begin burning fat at a rate much higher than normal; which allows for rapid weight loss. The body will pull the calories your body needs from your fat cells and bring them into the blood to feed the baby it thinks it’s developing. Since there’s no baby, you get to use those calories which allow you to feel fine and have energy. Most people in Minnesota can lose around 20 pounds in 4-5 weeks on this diet.

There are many HCG diet products on the Minnesota market today. Some products are simply guide books, others may be ‘HCG pills’ marketed toward weight loss; however, HCG can only be prescribed by a doctor or practitioner such as a physician assistant. It is not legal to get it on the black market, and HCG products sold on the web are usually not true HCG and most contain very little or no stable HCG at all. If one wants to try HCG, they should see a good medical practitioner who is qualified in prescribing and monitoring HCG intake. A very strict diet with low calories must be in place for the diet to be successful and it is important to be overseen by someone in Minnesota qualified in giving nutritional advice. It is important when choosing a program in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas that they not only show how to achieve short term weight loss, but also incorporate lifestyle changes for long term weight maintenance.


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